If you are interested in having the upper hand when hunting out of a stand than the Road Hunter 360 is for you. There are several features that make the Road Hunter 360 unlike any other stand on the market today.



•	The Road Hunter 360 quietly and effortlessly rotates a full 360° in either direction. This gives the hunter superior range and the ability to maneuver on deer regardless of what direction they may approach.
•	The Road Hunter 360 is manually rotated by an operator run steering wheel and can be braked in any position giving the hunter pinpoint positioning when its time to shoot. 

•	Rolling windows ensure greater protection from the elements. Windows also serve as a gun rest while aiming.
•	The Road Hunter 360 is roomy and comfortably fits 2 to 3 hunters making it ideal for introducing young hunters to the sport as well as keeping elderly hunters in the field longer.
•	Low maintenance and quick setup time make the Road Hunter 360 virtually care free.
•	Durable build ensures that your Road Hunter 360 will last through the generations.
•	Made from 99% recycled material.
•	The Road Hunter 360 is the only legal way to hunt from a vehicle.

Putting out the Road Hunter 360 at least a few weeks before season will give the deer a chance to get used to it so they won't get startled when you rotate it while hunting. Road Hunter 360
Big Thanks to:
March 7-9 the Road Hunter 360 was at the Minnesota Deer Classic. We appreciate the hard work and the support from the following businesses: Country Cat of Sauk Centre, MN, Sign Works of Fergus Falls, MN, and Skeeter Stitch of Bemidji, MN. Thank You!